Some of us were born under a lucky star. Some of us were born under an unlucky star. All of us pursue happiness and more often than not, we seem to think that happiness comes from the outside – relationships, travels, career, money, looks etc. The middle ground of happiness and unhappiness is a land inhabited with average people, passing through life straight-faced. I find myself to be one of those people quite often, and I will try to be less like that in the year to come.

In the year 2019, I will focus on bettering myself in the following:

I’ll try to complain a lot less. Only complain when the situation is dire. For example, a dire situation could be if an illness occurs, or I have been wronged, gravely. A dire situation is not, for example, when I feel I haven’t been getting the best possible customer service experience.

Anger management. It’s about time to learn how to count to ten. Or to a hundred. Maybe re-learn the trick from high-school, when I felt laughter trying to take over in a serious situation: dig your nails deep into your palms. No more giggles. Maybe this works with anger too?

Maintaining friends. Nurturing the friendships that I already have. By friends, in this case, I mean the people that won’t judge, gossip and wish ill for others. People who do not count as friends in this case are the ones that live in constant sorry state of complain. One can only endure so much complaining of others in their life.

Photo by Krista Mangulsone, cover photo by NordWood Themes.

Every day I will clean a shelf. Just one shelf. A shelf a day is a good progress when de-cluttering your life from the unnecessary material crap, that also puts a strain on my mental well-being. Maybe start with the one with the Elf on it…

Eat right and exercise more. Yea I know, the same old, same old, but you have to at least try to do something about the situation, when the first time I eat something is at noon. Time to get a grip, because life is short and bad habits make it shorter yet. I do honestly believe that bad eating habits slow you down on your path of happiness, maybe even create roadblocks. And that exercising routinely keeps your body and soul in shape, and brings happiness to your life.

Thanking my children instead of constant nagging. It’s easy to forget to say thank you when it comes to raising children, most of the time it’s just barking orders, scolding and berating. I’ll try to remember to say thank you, when they do what is asked for. Thank you.

Try to sleep more, and better. Why? Because sleep is the new sex, darling!

If all these don’t give me a power boost on my highway to happiness, I don’t know what will!

Share your methods on improving happiness in the comments, please and thank you!

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