Life is too short

  • for matching socks
  • to make your own pasta
  • for fruit cake
  • to hold grudges
  • to blend in
  • to go to bed angry
  • to let someone make you miserable
  • hide your feelings
  • to wait
  • to listen to bad music
  • for boring things
  • to spent it cleaning
  • to remove USB safely
  • pretend
  • to shave above knees (or at all)
  • to eat kale
  • to learn Finnish

Life is too short to not

  • play with your kids
  • make a mess and leave it overnight
  • jump in puddles after a storm
  • laugh a lot
  • do the things you love doing
  • love yourself
  • love others
  • experiment
  • pet a friendly dog
  • have fun
  • make mistakes
  • apologize
  • enjoy your food
  • be patient and understanding

— Editors

The writer of this story is a member of the Mom of Finland community.

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