The Puking Game is a lovely family game, guaranteed to be a fun surprise for the whole family! The Puking Game is designed for all ages, and you can play it by yourself or with friends. The Puking Game always brings extra excitement for the party.

The rules of The Puking Game:

1. When a child starts to cough and wheeze in their bed, just turn over and assume it must be a cold coming again. When the child cries “puke!”, leisurely put on your robe and slowly head to the start.

2. Pick the child up from their bed, as high as you can with extended arms, preferably reaching up to six or seven feet. On the way to the bathroom, trip over some stuffed animals, and take a moment to almost cuss out loud. Do not make it to the bathroom.

3. Somewhere in between the bedroom and the bathroom the barfing starts. When the child is as high as possible, the vomit will cover an area of ten square meters (a hundred square feet?) and coat the interior of the apartment.

4. Because you missed the opportunity to go to the bathroom, you have to go straight to cleaning. Start by scraping loose food of furniture (fish again), continue with washing and wiping and realize the smell is never gonna go away.

5. Bonus round! You’ll also notice that the new bedspread is covered in vomit. After a quick evaluation, you realize that it can’t be washed in the machine. Buy cheap, buy twice.

6. Continue with the cleaning. The child comes next to you crying over puke covered plush Moominmamma. You promise to wash Moominmamma by morning.

7. Change the child’s clothes and sheets. Put the child back to bed.

8. Settle down comfortably on your bed. All this has happened between 2 AM and 3 AM. You fail to catch sleep again.

9. Notice an odd rumble in your stomach. Get a bit annoyed. Fall asleep annoyed.

10. At 4:30 AM is time for a surprise round. Start all over again! The Puking is back, this time it’s the other child barfing.

With best wishes to the new game, the game tester, Mom of Finland!

Photo by The Creative Exchange.

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