Picture this. You want to go outside, but it snowed last night, and as the temperature rose during a sunny morning, the snow is melting and turning into slush, and that is both cold and very wet. And no one wants to be wet, so you have to protect your clothes, since of course you still want to go outside and play, it’s boring inside. And even if you don’t want to, you have to, since it’s almost mandatory to go out, in any weather, to get fresh air. We all know how important fresh air is.

So it’s warming up outside because of the sun, but it is still fall, and it is still cold, so first, you have to put on proper underwear. Warm. Thick stockings or long johns should be good enough. Then a pair of relaxed pants. Since jeans are not a fun thing to wear when playing, very strict and limiting. Joggers maybe, or sweat pants. A shirt is needed of course, and more layers the better, so first a t-shirt, or even a long sleeved thermal underwear one, and then another long sleeved one. Because you can’t just wear underwear.

All set? No. Socks, can’t forget socks. A scarf for your neck, maybe a woolen one.

Then the outerwear, to keep the cold and wet out, an overall is a safe bet. Have to be waterproof and windproof. A jacket and trousers are good too, but when you wear an overall, you don’t have to worry about your shirt hiking up to expose a belly button.

Oh wait, the sun is gone. And it’s raining! YAY! Rain is so much fun! You can play in puddles, splash and sploosh, so much fun! But now you need more clothes, something to keep your outerwear dry too, just in case you want to sit in the puddle for half an hour. So we get a pair of rubber rain pants! The best thing ever.

Now getting into these rubber pants is a challenge, we know, but you have to. Because you have to. So one leg in… no wait. Shoes first, still need those, and because it’s raining, we need rain boots. But your feet get cold in those, so you need a pair of wool socks. Have to go find those too. Ok so you have your rain boots on, now you can get in those fun rubber pants! We know you’re hot but you have to. One leg in, then secure the pant leg with a noose, or something similar. Now another leg, same thing.. Both legs in, time to wiggle your butt in. The best thing about rubber pants is that they don’t give in at all. No stretch. None. Then the suspenders to hold the pants on. Not that way, try again. Other way. That hand goes through that hole. There we go.

Next a hat. Maybe find even a slightly waterproof one too, because you have to keep your head warm! And use your hood. We know you can’t see anything, but at least it keeps the rain out. Don’t forget the gloves, and the other gloves to go on top of those, the rubber ones that keep the water out. Yes, the ones you hate because you can’t really hold or handle anything with those on.

Finally we’re all set. All layered to perfection, even though it is very hard to move around and play with all these layers on. You’re hot and frustrated, and when you’re four, instead of thirty-four, the bad feelings are not as easy to control. But fortunately there’s mom, or dad, or nanny, or the daycare lady, who will help you with your negative feelings from this tiring experience. No wait, another child has to be dressed, out you go, have fun!

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