Today I was standing at the fish counter at the grocery store so early that the fish were barely dead. From that moment the day was on full swing, running me off my feet until just right now, 8:15 pm, when I got to sit down for the first time all day. This is just not acceptable.

You shouldn’t be rushing in the winter. You should be bracing for the cold weather, barricaded in your warm home, with a couch under your butt, and in front of you food for your belly, your eyes and your soul. There should be official weather announcements, stating that today parents don’t have to take their kids to the park to play, everyone should just stay at home and relax. Consume tea and burn candles.

Office Christmas parties are placed all wrong in the annual calendar. Parties like that need to be in the spring, when people are light-footed and fancy-free. Not in a time like this, when your feet are stuck in permafrost. No wonder office Christmas parties have a habit of leading into shame spiraling hangovers.

Another thing placed wrongly in this season is the Big Brother -tv show. It’s a grotesque joke in a sacred time. Like a burp at communion. Headlines like “BB contestant’s sexy confessions” would be more at home in a hot summer night, when you already are running around with your shirt between your teeth, but it’s just not right for the winter. Feels like a pause in breathing in a cold winter air.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide.

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