A certain child went back to daycare one morning after a well earned vacation. Here’s a summary for the day:

Mother: So how was daycare, what did you do?
Child: Nothing. Nothing at all. It was boring.
Mother: Well, what did you eat?
Child: They didn’t give us anything to eat.
Mother: What, all day?
Child: There’s was some sort of slime for snack.
Mother: Did you play with any friends?
Child: No one. And Jack hit me with a shovel. John had to go the the hospital.
Mother: Excuse me?
Child: Yea cause John hit him with a shovel.
Mother: So he had to go to the hospital because he hit himself with a shovel? Hard to believe.
Child: Believe it. You have to.
Mother: Well isn’t that just horrific.
Child: Yea, it is horrific. And to think I have to go there again tomorrow. Unbelievable.

Photo by Markus Spiske

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