New Year’s resolutions are not for me, that’s why I choose to pass on making any. Or better yet, I’ll only promise things I know for sure I can keep.

A couple examples from the past: one New Year’s resolution was to join a gym. It was a 12 month membership deal, that I could not get out of no matter how much I tried. I didn’t go to the gym once during that membership period. Not once. Who can top that? Pretty pathetic, I know.

For several years my resolution has been to stop eating candy. This has lead to me binging on every food that has sugar in it, plus candy. New Year’s resolutions have only made things worse for me. With not making any resolutions, I would have had a better chance at reaching my goals.

And of course there’s these all time favorites, I’ll be kinder, less grumpy, won’t lose my temper. Yeah right. That’s not gonna happen.

Only thing I can promise for sure this year, is that I will stop smoking. That should be easy, considering I’ve never started smoking. I can totally do that.

I also promise I will still struggle with money, will still be grumpy in the mornings, and sometimes in the evenings too. I also will always be on time, because somehow one of the only vices that escaped me is being tardy. I can for sure promise I will not do any knitting or crochet work, and I will not be attending the nude family swim hour that the city of Vantaa has been planning at the swimming hall. I WILL NOT. You can go if you please, but I for one WILL NOT. Maybe I made it clear enough?

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