Is your man of the house doomed to receive socks, long johns and deodorant every Christmas? Maybe they get a book they’ll never read, with a lot of nagging about how you did everything again this Christmas and he did nothing? Well maybe it’s time to change it up a bit. Here’s a list for you to get him something that he REALLY wants!

What do men really want, even if they won’t say it:

1. Sex. The longer the relationship, the lower the bar for his sexy gift wishes. Just give him something even remotely connected to the s-word.
2. A moment of peace. This means give them time to focus on their favorite comics on the toilet for 45 minutes. Without interruptions. Best present ever.
3. The freedom to eat and drink what they want. Everyone wants to enjoy their holiday feasts without someone pointing out all the fat and calories, in the food that someone made for him to eat in the first place!
4. Freedom to watch manly TV and listen to manly music without having to defend their choices of entertainment.
5. A free pass from the Christmas outings arranged by the womenfolk. He doesn’t want to join you on your walk of complain, for the calories obtained during the holidays.
6. A free pass from talking about your feelings. Or his feelings. Anyone’s feelings really. Just once could he stand on facts without any feelings interfering.
7. A break from compliments. It can be refreshing to not have to compliment your accomplishments, your looks, your cooking or anything else you might have done or not done, just even for one day.

Additionally, men appreciate material gifts, like cars, trains, boats and motorcycles. Anything that allows them to go really fast, to escape the everyday nagging, that happens in some – not in all, and not all of the time – households.

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