Suddenly it started snowing. Big wet chunks that predict snowball fights and smudged mascara.

Children demanded to go out and play. There were no traces of the usual “I wanna play Wii”, “It’s boring outside”, or “there’s no one to play with”. Both of them were at the door, itching to go out, practically bursting through the door with eyes sparkling with anticipation. And out we went. All of us, even the husband, with slight complaints for his jeans not keeping out the wet cold.

Snow was belting down, but yet we were making snow angels, then snowball fighting, swinging the children by the arms and throwing them in the snow, and at the end we were all lying flat on our faces in the snow bank. A snowman was built. One with a tiny head and bad teeth, but who cares, the children were screaming with joy. This is so much fun! This is the best thing ever! Surprisingly there also was a lack of criticism against mom, and that itself is a rare treat.

I don’t remember hearing joy and glee even similar to that last summer at the amusement park. And when you consider the amount of money spent at the amusement park, the delight should be increased tenfold, since a round trip in to one of those usually totals up to about two hundred euros.

Proving once again, that the best things in life are, in fact, free.

Photo by Josh Bean

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