It’s soup day again. And the kids are complaining. But aren’t they always complaining, unless their mouths are full of sweets and treats and cookies and goodies.

Soup day is an insanely good idea. It means that on Sunday, when I have recharged my batteries, I’ll make a big pot full of traditional Finnish salmon soup, or ground beef soup. And it will take less than 30 minutes, because I have perfected the art of soup making. Soup cooking? Souping? If anyone is interested in recipes, here you go:

Traditional Finnish Salmon Soup, by Mom of Finland

Look into your fridge, take out everything that even slightly resembles a root vegetable. The internet is a big help if you have trouble identifying them. You can also by a bag of frozen veggies.If you choose to use the live ones… err, fresh ones, peel them. And then chop them. Throw them in the pot. Btw you needed to get a pot before that. And water in it. Also throw in some fish stock. They might have those in the US too ready made, comes in cubes? If not, it’s gonna get a bit trickier cause you might have to make your own. But let’s assume you have cubes.

Boil for a little under 15 minutes. Don’t let the veggies go smooshie, smooshie is different from soup. Take your fish, chop it up and throw in the pot. Let it simmer for only a few minutes more. Add cream, or don’t. Check for flavor – needs to have it. Add salt and pepper. Don’t get skimpy with salt, otherwise it’s just a waste of the ingredients.

Serve to children for the next three days, using always a different looking bowl.

Mom of Finland’s Hearty Ground Beef Soup

Start by touching vegetables again. Chop them up and leave to chill in cold water. Throw some butter in a pot and fry up some minced meat (moose, reindeer, organic, or otherwise freeish sourced meat is always more preferable to cheap kinds of meat, but it’s not a necessity). Throw the veggies in with the meat, a leak makes a good impression, if you have some.

Add beef stock. Should have beef stock at least in the US too, Swanson maybe? Just throwing that out there even though they are not paying us anything, at least not yet.

Again we let it simmer for about fifteen minutes, and then check for flavor. Add salt and pepper and voilá, all set from Wednesday to Friday.

Best part is, mommy’s shoe fund keeps growing since this is so cost-effective!

Yeah the kids will complain, but you can tell them that proper moms make different things for dinner each day of the week, but us improper ones spent that time with our children (or on Facebook).

Photo by Hal Gatewood.

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