A person, A Woman, once fell asleep on the couch with her makeup left on. And woke the next morning with the same makeup still on. But what happened next?

It was a gloomy morning, an early morning. Barely 6 a.m. You had to be extra quiet, take extra care, not to wake up anyone, especially the children, who would be just as grumpy in the morning as their mother is. First The Woman had to remove yesterday’s makeup, since you can’t very well paint new colors over that.

The Woman’s bathroom was an embodiment of Finnish Design. Only four inches of space on each side of the sink. The edges were jam-packed with bottles and pots of all sorts, which The Woman needed to make herself not look as tired as she was. It was still quite dark everywhere, and one of the bathroom lights had gone out. The Woman grabbed the eye makeup remover and soaked a cotton pad with it, like she’s done a thousand times before. There was a scent of acetone in the air, but The Woman didn’t react. And so The Woman accidentally swiped her eyes with nail-polish remover.

The Woman realized the mistake that she made. She started to scream. “I need distilled water!” The Woman did not know what distilled water was, maybe it means the water is boiled? Then you can’t use that, unless you want severe burn injuries in your eyes. “Bring me water!” The Woman now screamed, even though she was standing by the sink herself. The children started running around the house. The Woman encouraged this panicky racing with shouts like “I’m going blind!” “I can’t see!” “Help me!” and “I’m dying!”.

At one point The Woman stopped, to wallow in despair. What would be the last thing she saw in her life, with eyes yet unspoiled by nail-polish remover? It was a purple candy wrapper, fresh from the laundry all mushed up. “The wrong color candy wrapper too”, The Woman wailed in self-pity, “I like the red ones more!”

While The Woman was crying, a child had opened the faucet and now encouraged The Woman to rinse her eyes under it. The Woman did not go blind. The children asked if they could go back to bed and if possible, could life with The Woman be a little less dramatic in the future.

Photo by Dan Watson.

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The writer of this story is a member of the Mom of Finland community.

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