Mornings are the best. You wake up all calm and relaxed to the smell of coffee and you are happy to greet the morning sun. Yeah right.

First thing I realize is that I have fallen asleep with a thingamajig still stuck in my hair, resulting to a painful neck spasm. The alarms is blaring and I feel as fresh as a camel after crossing the Sahara desert (without water).

There’s a light on in a kids room, so I go and check what’s wrong. First thing I hear is “don’t get mad, but..” and that’s always a blissful way to start a morning. Forgotten homework, oh what a surprise.

I stare at my makeup in the bathroom. What’s the point of this? First you put on a fresh face in the morning, and then come night you wash it off again. I’m too tired to put on any. I’ll go make oatmeal for breakfast, and that’s a mistake of course, because today the children will not eat oatmeal, they want bread. And there is no bread. Someone was supposed to buy more, freaking hell. Not me, I don’t even eat bread ever.

While the children are crying in their porridge bowls, I’m trying to find my clothes. The ones I was planning to wear, are found stuffed in some hole all wrinkled up. Fantastic, I get to iron clothes. I need a maid. A free one, obviously. While ironing, I get to break up a a disagreement between the children, about which one of them is the favorite. I want to be the favorite and crawl back in my cradle. But not gonna happen. Time to take a shower. In the bathroom there are four people crammed in the space on one square meter (ten sq ft apparently), fighting about who’s turn is to use that exact square meter first today. I’ll try to leave and trip over a sled (of all things!) left in the doorway. Loving this.

Fortunately there’s still a lot of snow outside. I get to scrape and brush and shovel my way to a dirty car. I go and drop the kids off at school, and we realize that there’s ice skating in today’s schedule and they forgot their skates. Going back for the skates. This time someone forgot their gloves. I give them mine. I’m all sweaty. No use taking a shower in the morning.

In the evening I learn that in fact there was no skating in school today after all. I’m not surprised at all. Mornings like this end only when another morning rises, if at all.

Photo by Matthew Fournier.

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