Do you not know who you are anymore? Or maybe you have just forgotten completely? Don’t worry! Here’s a handy little quiz to find out if you are The Mom Of The House:

Lately, if you can remember, have you:

  • Had to answer a question about what other family members should wear, and then handed them a color coded attire?
  • Administered vitamins, or medicine, to people waiting?
  • Showered, and been interrupted so many times, that you have forgotten to shave the other leg?
  • Made sure that a filled questionnaire for school is in the backpack all ready for school?
  • Ordered a child back inside so they can change to a more appropriate outfit, maybe to something that isn’t full of holes?
  • Answered a call at work from your child, informing that they are at the school nurse because they bumped their head?
  • Answered a call at work from your child, demanding to go to their friends house after school?
  • Noticed, at work, that you spent an hour at work taking care of your children’s hobbies and organizing other business related to them?
  • Noticed, at work, that you might not have showered this morning, and might not be wearing clean underwear?
  • Left work early to pick a child up from somewhere?
  • Driven around taking children to their hobbies?
  • Contemplated the interior design of your house?
  • Color coded laundry, and threatened your spouse with bloody murder if they ever try to color code laundry again?
  • Threatened your spouse with divorce?
  • Threatened your children with everything or anything?
  • Felt guilty because dinner doesn’t match the governments dietary guidelines?
  • Planned a menu for the entire week, and the grocery lists involved?
  • Bought a whole week’s worth of groceries?
  • Washed a child hair in a mediocre manner?
  • Rushed through the bedtime story?
  • Answered with ‘in a minute’ when a child wants to show you something?
  • Vented to your spouse?
  • Told your spouse that you ‘have a headache’?

If you answered yes to any of these, congratulations, you are clearly The Mom Of The House!


— Editors

The writer of this story is a member of the Mom of Finland community.

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