The flu has been visiting me for the last few weeks. Nose is running, ears are ringing. There’s a silver lining in this too though: I don’t have to think of other excuses to avoid exercise.

I’m always eager to start new workouts. After a couple of weeks, the excitement dies down, and the time of excuses rises. I don’t have time, I can’t fit it in my schedule, I’m hungry, I’m not hungry, I have kids, other people have kids, PMS, Apple, Microsoft. Anything will do.

This is just wrong in a time where activity is a measure of success. You have to be active, and actively engrave that in your social media feed. Because active people have the energy to take care of themselves and thrive professionally too. Maximum level.

But sometimes you don’t have the energy. When I do, I go for a walk, or to Hot Yoga. Come winter, I plan on going skiing again. Because my child forces me to. Sometimes I can run too, at a very slow pace with lots of heaving. But keeping the workouts regular is a damn challenge at this point of my family life.

At least there’s one comforting thought: they say that for a healthy body, it’s 90% diet and 10% exercise. Otherwise there would be heaps more of me.

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