We love our dads! And granddads! And great granddads! And lucky us, it’s Father’s Day in Finland this Sunday!

In Finland Father’s Day isn’t right after Mother’s Day, but exactly six months after, on the second Sunday of November. Since it’s very important not to celebrate too much too soon. Because there’s cake and gifts of course, and we don’t want to spoil anyone.

It’s traditional that in the morning of Father’s Day we go wake daddy up, if we still live with them, otherwise we go and visit them maybe later during the day. If we have time and they don’t live too far away. If they too, a phone call is okay. Maybe a text message. Not a big deal. Unlike during Mother’s Day, the celebrated person doesn’t have to pretend to be asleep after already waiting in bed for hours listening to children making a mess in the kitchen. Dad has actually been sound asleep the whole time, like they have every morning since the children were born, unless they have work or something else mom can’t handle. Also this time mom’s involved in the coffee making and things, and everything works out like magic, no mess, no fuss.

Like in other countries, United States, Canada and Australia for example, we in Finland also liko you honor our Fathers and bring them gifts. Not fancy gifts like what we give our Mothers on Mother’s Day, or our children on Christmas, but gifts still. Here’s a few examples of traditional Finnish Father’s Day gifts. Maybe there’s something you can gift your precious father with. Christmas is coming…

  • Socks – because who doesn’t looooove socks. And it’s practical too. Since your father does not already own twenty pairs of black socks that all look the same. You can make it extra special by getting fun socks, maybe with baby ducks on them. This is one way to make sure your daddy will never ever wear the socks but instead gets to keep them forever.
  • Necktie – or simply a tie. The majority of Finnish fathers do not work in an environment that requires suits and ties every day, so this is a perfect gift for your average Finnish dad. Average Finnish dad has many ties that they never ever use, hanging in their closet for safe keeping. And like with socks, getting a novelty tie is even better. At least they can wear it at the office Christmas party, since it has humping reindeer on it AND it plays jingle bells too.
  • Mug – With your face on it. Or your prettier siblings face on it. Or grandchildren, since you don’t want to put adult faces on coffee mugs. Not pretty, don’t do it.
  • Underwear – Dads love their Daffy Duck -boxes shorts! And it’s a treat for the mom too, nothing hotter than seeing your man in their new novelty boxers sitting on the couch having a beer on a Saturday night after sauna. Maybe the boxers have a little pun or a joke written on them, like “lazy ass” or “feeling horny”, or the old favorite “it’s not gonna suck itself”. Then mom and dad can have a good laugh every time they see them.
  • Pajama bottoms – Do we even need to explain? Pajamas are for real men.
  • A men’s toiletry gift set – Hands down the best selling gift every year. Don’t try to get fancy with beard grooming kits and skin care products, the way to go is the ones with just a shower gel and a deodorant in them. So your father knows you don’t appreciate their natural odour.
  • Something your kid made at daycare or at school. It’s made with love. Of course it’s not the best, since preschools and such tend to save the best ideas for crafted gifts for Mother’s Day, but it’s something! And dad will surely love it.

Bonus idea! A book of Dad jokes! Yes there is such a thing, and you should get it, it must be hilarious. Someone should make one with mom jokes too…

Cover photo by Derek Thomson.

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