My life is total chaos. And since I can’t afford a life coach, to solve this chaos, I called a friend, who happens to be a very reasonable person, and an engineer. After a bit of coercion she agreed to be my amateur therapist.

Mom of Finland: I’m so annoyed. Chores keep piling up. It’s chaos.

Therapist: Unfinished things make the chaos. What is unfinished at the moment?

Mom of Finland: I have a lot of work, and there’s laundry in the hallway, living room is a mess, litter box needs cleaning, dishes need to be done, there’s no food in the house, bathroom is dirty and I think I found a new gray hair today.

Therapist: Let’s start with the easiest ones. Start doing laundry. Tidy up the living room. Clutter around increases the chaotic mindset. When these things are done, there will be more room in your head to finish the other tasks swiftly.

Mom of Finland: I don’t have the energy, it’s too much.

Therapist: Well you can always just stuff the dirty laundry in a garbage bag and throw them out. You can also start using disposable plates, I don’t really care.

Mom of Finland: You didn’t say anything about the gray hair?

Therapist: Amateur therapists and hair care professionals are two different things.

Mom of Finland: Feel like this therapy session is getting a little rudeish.

Therapist: Well at least you got something to write about, quit complaining!

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