Let’s see, the ground is frozen, the car windows are frozen, all the positive feelings for winter are frozen! And this is what it’s gonna be like for months now.

At the moment it’s really hard to see the bright side of the season; Christmas is coming, the snowy view outside could be straight from a postcard, there’s hot chocolate and Sunday morning ski-trips. The predominant feeling is annoyance because your ancestors decided to settle here in Mordor.

This. Is. Not. A. Suitable. Environment. For. Human. Habitat. There is only a trace of daylight for days, if that. It’s dark when you leave for work. It’s dark when you come home. It’s dark both inside and out. It’s dark in my soul!

And it’s not enough that it’s dark. Has to be cold too. Cold like… well, cold like Finnish Winter! If it’s not below arctic temperatures it’s frosty wet and slushy and the bitter breeze from the frozen over hell hurts your face. Frozen rain (or sleet if you’re fancy), beats your face ant the trains and buses are late, because you can’t drive in this weather!

After standing at the bus stop for half an hour being punished by the weather, you will, surprise surprise, catch a cold. The soundtrack for the season is constant sniffling, and all around the house grumbled up tissues give a nice wintery feeling in your decor.

What about dressing for the weather? I don’t know who hates the winter overalls more, the kids or the adults. There seems to be no difference in the amount of crying, whining and sweating in anguish between the dressees and the dressers. Extempore road trips are out of the question anyway, because you’ll have to plug the car in first (because it’s too damn cold, so even the engines need a little persuasion via warming). The feeling you get when you get to scrape ice off your car windows! Who doesn’t love that sound. #onlywinterthings

There’s a good chance that you have to shovel your car out from the snow too. And who doesn’t love snow removal, one of the best ways to exercise in fresh air! No way I’d rather stay inside doing something I actually enjoy. Assuming you actually decide to go out there, to the cold and dark and very possibly wet too.

When you get home you can’t catch a break either. Before you can rest or spend time with your family, you’ll have to hang all your snow covered clothes out to dry, where ever you can fit them, and the whole apartment gets a beautiful fresh scent of damp socks.

Of course there’s positive sides to winter too, even if I can’t really remember any right now. You’ll have loads of fun sledding down a hill with your kids, and the sun does come out every day, even if you can’t see it. Unless you live way up north where it doesn’t actually come out at all.

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